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The Tea Kiosk Cakes and Biscuits Page

Cakes & Biscuits

The Tea Kiosk sets high standards. It enjoys much competition from Caversham refreshment businesses, who have roofs and frothy coffee makers, however the Kiosk has the views! And, to set itself apart it aims always to try to source homemade or locally produced cakes and biscuits, many of which will contain free range eggs and organic ingredients.

In 2009, we were supported by Sally Woodford. She set up and ran Just Biscuits, a local company specialising, as the name suggests, in just biscuits - sweet and savoury, handmade, using good quality ingredients. And, we received many compliments about her biscuits last year. Tragically, though only 30 years old, Sally died in March 2010 after a brief illness. We are still hoping to stock Just Biscuits, but we are starting the new Kiosk season with biscuits made by one of the charities.

Customers have asked us what ingredients we use, especially those customers who have specific dietary needs. To meet this need we are building an ingredient directory for the cakes and biscuits regularly on offer. We will add to it as the season progresses and when we find which cakes and biscuits are regular favourites with our customers. We will aim to have wheat free and dairy free options available, though as we hope our customers will understand, we have no cooking facilities at the Kiosk, so if we sell out .................. that’s it! There will be a paper copy of the directory at the Kiosk as well as on this website.


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